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Philadelphia International Medicine (PIM)

Physicians offer virtual appointments, also known as Telemedicine Consultations.

A telemedicine

Patients or physicians can request an
appointment with a PIM physician anytime,

Virtual consultations will be conducted via a
HIPAA & GDPR compliant service on either
your computer, smartphone or tablet.

A review of medical records
that you provide to the PIM

A Virtual Consultation with
the PIM physician.

Report created by the PIM
physician to summarize
diagnosis, treatments and
necessary steps.

Telemedicine Consultations

are another way PIM physicians provide quality, forward-thinking and affordable care regardless of location.






Telemedicine Request Process

Submit a request at: Request should include medical information. If possible, full medical reports in English.

PIM will share your request with our Partner Hospitals.
If accepted, the team will begin working on your Virtual consultation

Accepted patients will be required to submit any additional
documentation requested by the physician and associates.

Physician will complete consultation between 5-10 business days
depending on availability.

Patient will receive a copy of the medical report, physician’s
recommendations and next steps after the first appointment.

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