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A Family Away from Home

A Family Away from Home

In 2018, Elaine paid a visit to her gynecologist after experiencing some issues with her health. Following her appointment, her physician in Bermuda told her she would need to travel outside of her home country in order to get the proper medical attention that she needed, so he referred her to Philadelphia. That’s when she met Philadelphia International Medicine. “From the first day, the staff was very, very good. Basically, I was put on to Stephanie and ever since then, they have been taking care of me,” she says about PIM.

Philadelphia International Medicine is basically like family to me. I would definitely recommend other patients to come to Philadelphia for medical treatment.

A Family Away from Home

Elaine Crockwell travels from Bermuda to receive treatment from Dr. Norman G. Rosenblum

That November, Elaine met with Dr. Norman G. Rosenblum, Director of the Division of Gynecologic Oncology at Thomas Jefferson Hospital, where she was informed about the battle with her illness that was ahead of her. Dr. Rosenblum specializes in treating ovarian, cervical, and endometrial cancer among other things, and he is also a surgical director and professor. “Dr. Rosenblum was good, and the staff, the nurses. I actually did my first treatment [in Philadelphia] and I did the rest of them here in Bermuda. And then I had to go back up for surgery,” she explains.

A Family Away from Home

Elaine is grateful for the love and support she found at PIM

“When Elaine first came into our office, she was very sick. I helped her through her whole process. And now seeing her being home, it just makes me happy that she’s okay. We understand that everyone has a life back home, so what we try to do here in Philadelphia is try to be their family away from home,” explains Stephanie.

Most people go to Boston, and I’m glad I went to Philly. They’re taking good care of me and it’s a good hospital system.

Although it has been a long road, Elaine has been able to receive the medical treatment she needs and continues to visit Philadelphia for care. “Now, I’m just going up every so often for my check-up. I’m actually due to go up again next week to see the doctors,” she says. When asked about her experience visiting the city of Philadelphia, Elaine replied, “It’s actually a nice city! It’s easy to get around, it’s comfortable, great restaurants, a lot of history, beautiful buildings. I didn’t expect it but it’s a nice city, I like it. Most people go to Boston, and I’m glad I went to Philly. They’re taking good care of me and it’s a good hospital system.”

Elaine continues to keep in contact with PIM throughout her healthcare journey and has a very good relationship with our staff. “Just get in contact with Philadelphia International Medicine and they will do the rest for you,” she says.

A Family Away from Home

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