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  • Management of Gender Reassignment Patients -- Dr. Robert T. Sataloff

    Dr. Robert T. Sataloff has been working with transgender and other LGBTQ patients since 1975 when he was an intern at the University of Michigan. When Dr. Sataloff returned to Philadelphia in 1980, he established the world's first comprehensive, multidisciplinary voice center that included not only laryngologists, but also speech-language pathologists and singing voice specialists. The voice center has grown to include three speech-language pathologists and singing voice specialists, acting voice specialists, nurse clinicians, voice scientists, psychological professionals, and collaborating Arts Medicine personnel in other medical disciplines including endocrinology, pulmonology, neurology, gastroenterology, various surgical specialties and other fields. Closely collaborating, multidisciplinary team structure is essential to provide optimal voice care for the LGBTQ population, as well as for other voice patients. Read Dr. Sataloff's publication in Professional Voice, The Science and Art of Clinical Care on Management of Gender Reassignment Patients Robert T. Sataloff, MD, DMA, FACS is Professor and Chairman, Department of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery and Senior Associate Dean for Clinical Academic Specialties, Drexel University College of Medicine. He also holds Adjunct Professorships in the Departments of Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery at Thomas Jefferson University, Temple University and the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine; and he is on the faculty of the Academy of Vocal Arts. He serves as Conductor of the Thomas Jefferson University Choir. Dr. Sataloff is also a professional singer and singing teacher. He holds an undergraduate degree from Haverford College in Music Theory and Composition; graduated from Jefferson Medical College, Thomas Jefferson University; received a Doctor of Musical Arts in Voice Performance from Combs College of Music; and he completed Residency in Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery and a Fellowship in Otology, Neurotology and Skull Base Surgery at the University of Michigan. Dr. Sataloff is Chairman of the Boards of Directors of the Voice Foundation and of the American Institute for Voice and Ear Research. He also has served as Chairman of the Board of Governors of Graduate Hospital; President of the American Laryngological Association, the International Association of Phonosurgery, the Pennsylvania Academy of Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery, and The American Society of Geriatric Otolaryngology, and in numerous other leadership positions. Dr. Sataloff is Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Voice; Editor Emeritus of Ear, Nose and Throat Journal; Associate Editor of the Journal of Singing; on the Editorial Board of Medical Problems of Performing Artists, and is an editorial reviewer for numerous otolaryngology journals. He has written over 1,000 publications including 70 books, and he has been awarded more than $5 million in research funding. His H-index is 43 (as of July 2021). He has invented more than 75 laryngeal microsurgical instruments distributed currently by Integra Medical, ossicular replacement prostheses produced by Grace Medical, and a novel laryngeal prosthesis (patent pending). He holds a patent on a unique thyroplasty implant. His medical practice is limited to care of the professional voice and to otology/neurotology/skull base surgery. Dr. Sataloff has developed numerous novel surgical procedures including total temporal bone resection for formerly untreatable skull base malignancy, laryngeal microflap and mini-microflap procedures, vocal fold lipoinjection, vocal fold lipoimplantation, and others. Dr. Sataloff is recognized as one of the founders of the field of voice, having written the first modern comprehensive article on care of singers, and the first chapter and book on care of the professional voice, as well as having influenced the evolution of the field through his own efforts and through the Voice Foundation for over 4 decades. Dr. Sataloff has been recognized by Best Doctors in America (Woodward White Athens) every year since 1992, Philadelphia Magazine since 1997, and Castle Connolly’s “America’s Top Doctors” since 2002.

  • Joining Forces to Advance Medical Innovation, Education And Care

    Israel’s ALYN Hospital Pediatric & Adolescent Rehabilitation Center and Philadelphia International Medicine Join Forces to Advance Medical Innovation, Education And Care -- The ALYN-PIM Health Gateway Initiative is a collaborative program aimed at delivering medical education, joint research, and patient care -- Jerusalem, Israel, and Philadelphia, November 7, 2021. ALYN Hospital Pediatric & Adolescent Rehabilitation Center, a leading healthcare provider in Israel, and Philadelphia International Medicine (PIM), a provider of specialized clinical services and education from world-renowned Philadelphia area hospitals, have established the ALYN-PIM Health Gateway Initiative to advance education, research, innovation, and patient care including second opinion activities. “Medical education, research, and innovation are ongoing activities at ALYN, bringing considerable benefits not only to our staff but primarily to our patients,” said Dr. Maurit Beeri, Director General of ALYN Hospital. “By partnering with PIM, we can build a valuable health gateway, connecting our medical teams and professionals. We are looking forward to identifying and developing collaborative initiatives, such as physician exchanges, research projects, and more.” “We are very excited to be working with ALYN and for the many opportunities that lie ahead,” said Edgar Vesga, CEO and President of PIM. “It is important to us that we can continue to make quality medical care available to international patients, and we see cooperation between centers of excellence in Philadelphia and Jerusalem as an ideal way to achieve this goal. Connecting Israel with Philadelphia opens many doors for both PIM and ALYN to collaborate in future endeavors to improve the future of medicine.” The ALYN-PIM Health Gateway initiative will focus on sharing medical knowledge and technology, while improving accessibility to highly skilled care. By building relationships and jointly exploring opportunities, ALYN and PIM seek to improve the overall medical status of their communities. ALYN and PIM will continuously grow this initiative to identify and develop additional opportunities, including physician exchanges, lectures and programs in hospital administration, consulting projects, training in best practices, and more. About ALYN ALYN Jerusalem is one of the leading healthcare providers in Israel, dedicated to providing the best quality of medical and rehabilitation treatment for children facing physical challenges, both congenital and acquired. ALYN enables them to function to the best of their ability and integrate into their family life within the framework of a supportive community. ALYN is affiliated with the Hebrew University Faculty of Medicine and offers advanced care from birth to adulthood. With more than 90 years of experience, it is now one of the world leaders in Pediatric Rehabilitation. About PIM PIM provides international patients and physicians with access to an unmatched network of world-renowned doctors, surgeons and hospitals that deliver personalized medical, surgical and rehabilitative care ranked among the best in the world. PIM is owned and operated by Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, Temple University Hospital, and Fox Chase Cancer Center and affiliated with Wills Eye Hospital, Rothman Institute, Main Line Health, Nemours Children’s Health, Magee Rehabilitation Hospital, the Vincera Institute, and the Renfrew Center. Contact Shirel Daniel Senior Manager of Global Outreach

  • The New Era of Medical Tourism and Hospitality

    Join us for a webinar on November 8th at 8:00PM. Featured speakers Bonnie Grant, Dr. Maria Cecilia Aponte and Dr. Ignazio Marino will discuss the future of this exciting industry! Philadelphia International Medicine is proud to be hosting this event with Temple University School of Sport, Tourism and Hospitality Management. REGISTER HERE!! Speakers Bonnie Grant, Executive Director, PHL Life Sciences As Executive Director, Bonnie is responsible for marketing Greater Philadelphia, ranked the second largest life sciences sector in the country, as “America’s Life Sciences Meetings Destination.” She manages more than 60 regional life sciences leaders from Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware, leveraging common resources to enhance awareness of the region as a vibrant destination for life sciences meetings and conventions. Representing public, private and academic entities, members of the Congress assist with sales, on-site services and sponsorship efforts, as well as promoting the region’s premier attractions in history, science, arts, culture and entertainment, all making for a unique and memorable Philadelphia convention experience. For more than two decades, Bonnie has promoted Philadelphia to residents and visitors in positions with government, corporate and educational institutions. For nine years, she served as Deputy City Representative for the City of Philadelphia under the administrations of Mayors Edward G. Rendell and John F. Street. She has also served as director of communications and spokesperson for Greater Philadelphia Urban Affairs Coalition; the Philadelphia Eagles; and Chestnut Hill College. Dr. Maria Cecilia Aponte, International Accounts Manager, The Panama Clinic Dr. Maria Cecilia Aponte is physician, specialized in Health Services, Marketing, and Management with 15 years of experience. Dr. Aponte has had leadership, management and advisory roles in the pharmaceutical industry, health insurance and service delivery. Dr. Aponte currently leads the international department of The Panama Clinic and positioning of Panama in the international scope with the city’s Chamber of Commerce. Her international experience includes USA, Mexico, Panama, Salvador, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Honduras, Venezuela, Ecuador, Chile, Peru, Aruba, Curazao, St Maarten, and Germany, Panama. Dr. Ignazio Marino Professor of Surgery, Sidney Kimmel Medical College EVP, International Innovative Strategic Ventures Executive Director, Jefferson Italy Center Ignazio R. Marino, MD, ScD is executive vice president of Jefferson International Innovative Strategic Ventures. He is a trailblazer in transplant medicine who has also held high public office as a senator of the Republic of Italy and mayor of Rome. Dr. Marino has performed more than 650 transplants and was a member of the surgical team that performed the only baboon-to-human liver xenotransplants in medical history, and he performed the first transplant in Italy on an HIV-positive patient. He has authored more than 700 scientific publications and four scientific books, and has served on the editorial boards of “Transplantation,” “Liver Transplantation,” “Digestive Diseases and Sciences,” and 15 other international scientific journals. He has also published on the religious, bioethical, and humanitarian aspects of medicine, including a monograph on the future of the Italian national healthcare system. In 2006, he was elected senator of the Republic of Italy and appointed chair of the Standing Health Committee of the Italian Senate and later, chair within the senate of the Investigative Committee on the National Healthcare System. Dr. Marino was elected mayor of Rome in 2013 and served until 2015. REGISTER HERE!!

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  • Our Specialties | Philadelphia International Medicine

    OUR SPECIALTIES Cardiology VIEW MORE Neurology VIEW MORE Oncology VIEW MORE Women's Health VIEW MORE Ophthalmology VIEW MORE Orthopedics VIEW MORE Pediatrics VIEW MORE Pulmonology VIEW MORE Rehabilitation VIEW MORE Transplant VIEW MORE Urology VIEW MORE RESEARCH RESEARCH Helping us understand and answer our biggest questions about health INNOVATION PIM Network Hospitals are disrupters, creating innovative solutions for high quality healthcare INNOVATION TECHNOLOGY A necessary part of healthcare today ensuring the best care for PIM patients TECHNOLOGY GETTING STARTED

  • Bulgarian | Philadelphia International Medicine

    PIM Globe (PIM) е съвместна международна медицинска организация, притежаванa и управлявана от Fox Chase Cancer Center, Jefferson Health и Temple Health. PIM представя 10-те най-добри болнични мрежи на североизток като насърчава съюзи с международни здравни организации с цел предоставяне на трансгранична напреднала медицинска помощ, обучение, образование, иновации и консултантски услуги. Philadelphia International Medicine PIM е вашият единствен директен контакт за всички ваши специализирани медицински нужди. Нашата мрежа За Пациенти От 1999, Philadelphia International Medicine помага на пациенти от цял свят да елиминират догадките, планирането и безпокойството, свързани с намирането и свързването с лекари и болници, които са сред най-добрите в света. В Philadelphia International Medicine здравето и благосъстоянието на пациентите винаги са наш основен приоритет. Нашият международен екип от експерти се занимава специално с нуждите на чуждестранни пациенти и затова те разбират предизвикателствата и тревогите, пред които са изправени семействата, когато пътуват в чужбина, за да получат медицинска помощ. Международният Мениджър Международният мениджър на пациентите е професионалист, обучен да ви подкрепя и да ви помага да управлявате медицинската и хирургическата помощ далеч от дома. Международният мениджър на пациентите говори няколко езика и има достъп до мрежа от местни здравни услуги, от които може да се нуждаете. Като основна връзка в болницата, вашият специален международен мениджър е тук, за да ви подкрепи на всеки етап от необходимите ви грижи като пациент в Philadelphia International Medicine. First Aid Kit Icon Преди вашето посещение събере медицинска документация, определи най-добрите лекари и услуги, запише часове, координира пътуванията, настаняването и транспорта По време на вашето посещение осигури 24-часова телефонна подкрепа, индивидуално управление на вашите необходими грижи, предостави информация за град Филаделфия Telephone Consultant Icon Hand with Heart Icon След вашето посещение проведе интервю за вашето изписване, запише пореден час ако е необходимо За Лекари Philadelphia International Medicine създава партньорства с международни лекари за обучение, изследване и развитие. В PIM ние вярваме, че споделянето на медицински и научни знания между медицинските професионалисти е от съществено значение за обединяване на международната общност, чрез създаване на глобалното пространство на здравеопазването и подобряване на резултатите на лекуваните пациенти. За да изпълни тази мисия, PIM предлага различни възможности за образование, обучение и изследвания чрез нашата мрежа от болници във Филаделфия. Това, което прави Филаделфия толкова запомняща се, е нейната уникална комбинация от преживявания, които трябва да бъдат открити лично.През деня разгледайте четири века история и архитектура, красиви квартали,забележителни музейни колекции и безкрайни магазини. След залез слънце градът се затопля от известни сценични изкуства,изкусителни ресторанти и бурен нощен живот. Град Филаделфия е лесно достъпен от всяка точка на света. След като сте тук, можете да се насладите на богатството от исторически ресурси и културни събития по време на вашето лечение. Посетете Independence Hall, обект на световното наследство на UNESCO, и вижте мястото, където Съединените щати са били образувани през 1776 г. Запознайте се с произведенията на майсторите на световноизвестния музей на Филаделфия, Philadelphia Museum of Art, изживейте вълнението на един от нашите пет професионални спортни отбора и вечеряйте в един от най- популярните ресторанти във Филаделфия.

  • Jefferson Health | Philadelphia International Medicine

    Jefferson Health LEARN MORE LEARN MORE LEARN MORE LEARN MORE LEARN MORE LEARN MORE LEARN MORE LEARN MORE LEARN MORE LEARN MORE Since 1825, Jefferson Health has provided globally recognized care, with the goal of improving the health of all the communities they serve. Jefferson Health is dedicated to exceeding the standards of care and education by providing exemplary clinical settings and by leading in the introduction of innovative methodologies, best-practice improvement programs and forward-thinking healthcare education. Jefferson Health also invests expertise in clinical research and discovery that often inform clinical protocols used for the diagnosis and treatment of patients at a national and international level. Jefferson Health is recognized among the nation’s best hospitals in cancer care delivered through our NCI-designed Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center, gastroenterology and GI surgery, neurology and neurosurgery, and urology. Jefferson Health has been recognized for their commitment and results in cardiology and heart surgery, diabetes & endocrinology, geriatrics, gynecology, nephrology and pulmonology. ALL NETWORK HOSPITALS FEATURED PHYSICIANS Usama Gergis, MD, MBA Director, Bone Marrow Transplant and Immune Cellular Therapy ◽ Medical Oncology - Hematology ABOUT THIS PHYSICIAN ALL PHYSICIANS

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