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  • Philadelphia International Medicine Signs Memorandum of Understanding with CASMU- IAMPP

    On September 14th, Dr. Raúl Germán Rodríguez, President and CEO of CASMU - IAMPP and Dr. Horacio Rodríguez Dulcini, Human Management and Training Manager of CASMU - IAMPP, met with Mr. Edgar Antístenes Vesga-Arias President and CEO of Philadelphia International Medicine (PIM) and members of the health systems of Temple Health, Nemours Childrens´ Health and Main Line Health to sign an agreement of mutual understanding and joint collaboration that includes: clinical and administrative training, medical exchanges, telemedicine , interactive real-time knowledge exchanges, clinical care, long-term research, and patient referral for second medical opinions. This agreement supports the development of opportunities in different medical specialties including oncology and robotics among other specialties. "We are proud to work with one of the centers of excellence in healthcare in South America with opportunities to create legacies in the healthcare sector that benefit communities in both countries" comments Philadelphia International Medicine President, Edgar Vesga. The memorandum of understanding is a first step in establishing a long-term formal relationship between the two organizations. It is intended that both parties continue to develop this relationship and, over time, identify and develop additional opportunities. About CASMU IAMPP CASMU IAMPP is one of the largest Private Medical Assistance Institutions in Uruguay. It has 36 Medical Centers all over the country, 2 hospitals, and almost 200,000 team members. The Institution stands out for its great infrastructure, state-of-the-art technology, as well as having the most qualified medical staff in Uruguay. ​​ 20 years after its creation, Casmu has become a Medical Care Institution with the highest number of affiliates. But its importance transcends above just the numbers and statistics, because its creation marks a historical achievement in terms of the level and quality of care benefits it offers for all of collective medicine. About PIM For over 20 years, Philadelphia International Medicine (PIM) has welcomed patients and partners from around the globe to Philadelphia. PIM is dedicated to excellence in international patients services, global partnerships and continuing medical education for healthcare providers. PIM brings together the services of ten world-renowned Philadelphia-area medical centers to the international community. PIM network partners are internationally recognized experts who are committed to providing the highest quality of care – with a great deal of compassion. The Philadelphia International Medicine network of ten (10) health systems includes Fox Chase Cancer Center, Temple University Hospital, and Thomas Jefferson University Hospitals, Wills Eye Hospital, Rothman Orthopaedics Institute, Main Line Health, Nemours Childrens´ Health, the Vincera Institute, Magee Rehabilitation Hospital and the Renfrew Center

  • Philadelphia’s startup ecosystem climbs 15 spots into the top 30 worldwide, report says

    Originally posted on PHL INNO Philadelphia’s startup ecosystem ranks among the best in the world, reaching No. 28 globally, according to the latest report from research firm Startup Genome. Startup Genome’s Global Startup Ecosystem Report ranked more than 275 regional ecosystems based on factors like startup growth and activity, innovation and research, capital availability, talent and support for companies. Silicon Valley, London and New York topped the 2021 rankings. Philadelphia climbed 15 spots in the last year, from No. 43 to No. 28, marking one of the largest jumps on the list. In North America, Philadelphia ranks at No. 13 overall, behind Atlanta and Denver-Boulder — ranked at No. 11 and No. 12, respectively. Startup Genome uses sources like Crunchbase, Pitchbook, Glassdoor, survey data from 10,000 startup executives, information from local startup accelerators and investors, as well as interviews with more than 100 experts to make its determinations. The region was highlighted for a high concentration of talent, research, experienced investors and local market reach. The life sciences industry was also touted as an area of significant growth in Greater Philadelphia, as were startups specializing in artificial intelligence and data management. Philadelphia’s ecosystem saw $994 million in early stage funding over the last two-and-a-half years, according to Startup Genome. The new ranking comes just a year after Philadelphia was named the top emerging startup ecosystem in the U.S., and a few months after the region smashed its annual venture capital funding record. “We're finally doing a little better job of letting the world know what we do and what we've done for a long time,” said Scott Nissenbaum, CEO of Ben Franklin Technology Partners of Southeastern Pennsylvania, a state-backed seed fund. Philadelphia has long been regarded as an “understated overachiever” when it comes to startups and innovation, Nissenbaum said. Now the region has major strength in technology and cell and gene therapy startups. Spark Therapeutics, for example, was acquired by Roche for $4.3 billion in 2019. Fast-growing startups and entities like Ben Franklin, the University City Science Center and local universities, are driving recognition and attention to Greater Philadelphia. The region ranked high in Startup Genome’s connectedness category, which takes into account the number of accelerators and incubators, research grants and research and development centers available to startups. “We’ve always been rowing the boat in the same direction, we just haven’t been rowing the boat in the same boat together,” Nissenbaum said.

  • Changes in treatment increased anxiety for breast cancer patients amid pandemic

    Main Line Health researchers find that changes in treatment increased anxiety for breast cancer patients amid pandemic, and Main Line Health physicians respond to this patient need The COVID-19 pandemic forced medical centers nationwide to delay or change course on treatment for many breast cancer patients. A new study by Main Line Health researchers has taken an in-depth look at the issue, finding the pandemic caused wide-ranging effects. About 44% of patients saw changes to their breast cancer treatment plan due to the pandemic, according to the study led by the Center for Population Health Research at the Lankenau Institute for Medical Research (LIMR), part of Main Line Health. Regardless of whether their plan was altered, nearly 1 in 3 experienced elevated levels of anxiety and depression. The study involved patients who needed medical evaluation or had a scheduled surgery date at Lankenau Medical Center or Bryn Mawr Hospital, two acute-care hospitals under Main Line Health, a community-based health system providing multidisciplinary breast cancer care throughout the Philadelphia region. “This data is relevant to cancer care across the U.S. especially as we are now seeing an increase in COVID cases,” said lead author Kaitlyn Kennard, a postdoctoral fellow for LIMR and Lankenau Medical Center surgical resident. “More than 75% of surgical care for breast cancer nationally is delivered in community hospitals. That means Main Line Health’s experience with the impact of COVID-19 reflects the majority of breast cancer care.” Data was collected during the initial COVID-19 surge from March to June 2020. Surgery at the time was limited to essential cases. Established patients were seen via telemedicine. The study found 32 of the 73 enrolled patients (44%) had changes to their care. Changes included delay in therapy (15%) and use of hormonal therapy (29%) to compensate for delays in surgery. The median time to surgery for patients whose cases could not wait was 24 days. Additionally, a survey showed nearly one-third of patients reported higher anxiety and depression. Those levels were similar regardless of whether the patient had a change in care or not. However, more than 55% of those with changes in care said they believed COVID-19 affected their treatment outlook. “This study reinforces that we should have plans in place to meet the needs of patients with all types of cancer in the case of an emergent situation,” said Sharon Larson, executive director of the Center for Population Health Research and a study coauthor. “Since the initial COVID-19 surge, we have been diligently working to address the pandemic’s impact on Main Line Health cancer patients,” said Michael Walker, MD, medical director, Main Line Health Cancer Care. “We have developed programs and services to help our patients through this challenging time.” Walker cited creating online support groups and webinars, ensuring easy access to telemedicine, and providing early access to vaccines as examples of how the health system strived to serve patients and ease their anxiety. “Main Line Health breast cancer nurse navigators have always been by a patient’s side throughout testing, diagnosis and treatment, and they came up with innovative ways to continue this support, which was needed more than ever,” Walker said. The study, “COVID-19 Pandemic: Changes in Care for a Community Academic Breast Center and Patient Perception of Those Changes,” is in the September issue of Annals of Surgical Oncology.

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  • French | Philadelphia International Medicine

    PIM Globe (PIM) est une organisation collaborative détenue et exploitée par Fox Chase Cancer Center, Jefferson Health et Temple Health. PIM représentent 10 des meilleurs réseaux hospitaliers du nord-est pour promouvoir des alliances avec les organisations internationales de soins de santé à des fins fines de soins médicaux avancés transfrontaliers, services de formation, d’éducation, d’innovation et de conseil. Philadelphia International Médicine PIM est votre contact unique pour tous vos besoins médicaux spécialisés. Notre Réseau Pour les Patients Depuis 1999, Philadelphia International Médicine a aidé les patients du monde entier à planifier, éliminer les incertitudes, et l’anxiété de trouver, et de pouvoir se connecter avec les médecins et les hôpitaux classés parmi les meilleurs au monde. Chez Philadelphia International Médicine, la santé et le bien-être des patients sont toujours notre priorité absolue. Notre équipe internationale d’experts, se consacre exclusivement aux besoins des patients internationaux, et comprend les défis et les angoisses uniques auxquels les familles sont confrontées lorsqu’elles voyagent à l’étranger pour obtenir des soins de santé. L'équipe professionnelle Notre équipe professionnelle vous aidera à gérer vos soins médicaux et chirurgicaux loin de chez vous. Les membres de notre équipe parlent plusieurs langues et ont accès à un réseau de services locaux de soutien médical, dont vous pourriez avoir besoin. First Aid Kit Icon Avant votre visite Collectez les dossiers médicaux, identifiez les meilleurs médecins et services pour le patient, planifiez les rendez-vous et coordonnez les déplacements, l'hébergement et le transport Pendant votre visite Assistance téléphonique 24h/24 et 7j/7, gestion et assistance individuelles des soins, fournir des informations sur la ville de Philadelphie Telephone Consultant Icon Hand with Heart Icon Après votre visite Effectuer des entrevues de sortie et faciliter les soins de suivi si nécessaire Pour les Médecins Philadelphia International Médicine se consacre à la création de partenariats avec des médecins internationaux pour la formation et la recherche. Chez PIM, nous croyons que le partage des connaissances médicales et scientifiques entre professionnels de la santé est essentiel pour connecter la communauté internationale en créant un espace mondial de soins de santé et en améliorant les résultats pour les patients. Pour remplir cette mission, PIM offre une variété d’éducation, de formation et de possibilités de recherches par l’intermédiaire de notre réseau d’hôpitaux de la région de Philadelphie. Ce qui rend Philadelphie si mémorable, c’est son mélange unique d’expériences qui doivent être découvertes en personne. Le jour, explorez quatre siècles d’histoire et d’architecture, de beaux quartiers, des collections de musées remarquables et des boutiques sans fin. Après le coucher du soleil, Philadelphie se réchauffe avec des arts de la scène acclamée, des restaurants étonnants et une vie nocturne animée. La ville de Philadelphie est facile d’accès à partir de n’importe quel endroit dans le monde entier. Une fois que vous arrivez ici, il ya une richesse de ressources historiques et des événements culturels à profiter pendant votre traitement. Visitez Independence Hall, un site du patrimoine mondial de l’UNESCO, et voir l’endroit où les États-Unis ont été formés en 1776. Découvrez les œuvres d’art des Philadelphia Museum of Art, vivez l’excitation de l’un de nos cinq équipes sportives professionnelles et dînez dans l’un des restaurants exceptionnels de Philadelphie. Out of gallery

  • Bermuda | Philadelphia International Medicine

    Facebook Instagram YouTube LinkedIn Twitter WeChat Connecting Bermudians To The Leading Healthcare Specialists In Philadelphia Scroll Down Philadelphia International Medicine (PIM) offers state of the art comprehensive care and treatment for patients seeking medical treatment or second opinions. Just a short flight away, our International and Signature Services team help Bermudian patients and their families navigate care and logistics. Become a Patient Submit Thanks for submitting! Do you have a question? Call us at (441) 777-8100 Expertise without Borders ABOUT US Since 1999, patients from around the world come to Philadelphia for world renowned specialty care services. ​ We bring together the services of ten world-renowned Philadelphia-area medical centers to the international community. ​ Our partners are internationally recognized experts who are committed to providing the highest quality of care – with a great deal of compassion. BECOME A PATIENT Philadelphia International Medicine is basically like family to me. I would definitely recommend other patients to come to Philadelphia for medical treatment. Elaine Crockwell, Philadelphia International Medicine Patient TRUSTED BY BERMUDIANS SINCE 1999 The Quality You Expect. The Convenience You Deserve. PIM'S CONCIERGE SERVICES Our concierge service brings the comforts and luxuries of home to your medical treatment. Sourcing a favorite food, comfortable accommodations, or finding someone who speaks your language are just a few of the ways we make your treatment a positive, restorative experience. ​ Philadelphia International Medicine provides these services to international patients at no additional cost.

  • A-Example | Philadelphia International Medicine

    PIM Globe Intro Paragraph Example Intro Paragraph (Last Sentence) Our Network For Patients For Patients Paragraph (Part 1) Case Manager For Patients Paragraph (Part 2) First Aid Kit Icon Case Manager Title 1 Case Manager Bullet Point 1 Case Manager Title 2 Case Manager Bullet Point 2 Telephone Consultant Icon Hand with Heart Icon Case Manager Title 3 Case Manager Bullet Point 1 For Physicians For Physicians Paragraph City of Philadelphia City of Philadelphia Paragraph (Part 1) City of Philadelphia Paragraph (Part 2) Out of gallery

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