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Fox Chase Cancer Center Selected as Melanoma Center of Excellence

PHILADELPHIA (October 14, 2020)—Fox Chase Cancer Center has been selected as the newest institution in The Melanoma Research Foundation Breakthrough Consortium (MRFBC).

Founded in 2010, the MRFBC is a nationwide network of 21 centers of excellence in melanoma united to accelerate research and development of the most promising melanoma treatments. The MRF is the largest independent organization devoted to melanoma.

“Our melanoma program at Fox Chase is thrilled to be joining the Melanoma Research Foundation Breakthrough Consortium,” said Jeffrey M. Farma, MD, FACS, co-director of the Melanoma and Skin Cancer Program and professor in the Department of Surgical Oncology.

“This partnership will allow for increased research collaborations with world experts in melanoma to continue to make strides in discoveries with hopes to improve the quality of life and cure patients with melanoma,” he added.

“The MRF eagerly welcomes Fox Chase Cancer Center as the newest member of its Breakthrough Consortium,” said MRF CEO Kyleigh LiPira, MBA. “Under the leadership of Dr. Farma, we anticipate Fox Chase to be an engaged and collaborative member site and a valued addition to this important research initiative.”

She added that MRF has proudly supported the innovative research conducted at Fox Chase for many years and is confident this expanded partnership will produce even greater results and new breakthroughs for the melanoma community.

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