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Women's Health

What We Offer

Philadelphia International Medicine board-certified physicians are here for every stage of your life, from adolescence through the childbearing years into menopause and beyond.

PIM Network Hospitals are leaders in gynecologic surgical innovations and offer excellence in gynecological care, including treatment for serious gynecological issues. The hospital offers all women routine gynecological services, contraception counseling, and minimally invasive gynecological surgery procedures for common conditions such as endometriosis and ovarian cysts.

Innovation & Research

Pregnancy Care

For women planning to conceive, you’ll have access to the finest pregnancy care from preconception through pregnancy, from routine to high risk. If faced with any difficulty, our fertility and reproductive experts and genetic counselors can help guide you and may offer a solution.

Philadelphia International Hospitals offer complex gynecologic surgery, including minimally invasive and da Vinci® robotic surgical procedures. Gynecologic surgeons operate using robotic, laparoscopic and traditional abdominal incision approaches.

Gynecologic Surgery
State-of-the-Art Services for Complex Procedures

Hospitals include state-of-the-art services, from cancer screenings and fertility evaluation, to high-risk pregnancy care and treatment for uterine fibroids, urogynecology and menopause. Gynecologist surgeons are national leaders in performing complex procedures for patients with cervical, ovarian, uterine, fallopian, vaginal and vulvar cancers.

Classes for Labor and Delivery

PIM Network Hospitals offer classes focusing on both the physical and emotional aspects of labor and delivery—including breathing and relaxation techniques, breastfeeding and the role of a support person.

Specialty Physicians

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