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What We Offer

Philadelphia International Medicine partners are some of the most experienced and among the most trusted in the United States with internationally recognized experts in all major fields of urology. Philadelphia International Medicine Urology specialists also work closely with Nephrologists, who specialize in the function and disease of the kidneys.

Innovation & Research

The da Vinci® Robot

PIM Network Hospitals’ urologists perform robotic surgeries utilizing the da Vinci® robot to treat conditions of the genitourinary system. The da Vinci® robot enables physicians perform minimally invasive surgeries using smaller incisions or the body’s natural openings.

Urologists perform Intensity-modulated radiation therapy (IMRT) for various urologic cancers; Medical Therapy and Laser Therapy for enlarged benign prostates; Shock Wave Therapy and Endoscopic Laser Therapy to treat kidney stones.

Urological Therapies
"Bloodless" Surgical Procedures

Philadelphia specialists offer “bloodless” surgical procedures for patients who cannot receive whole blood transfusions based on their personal or religious beliefs. Physicians create personalized treatments for uncommon and complex cases.

Specialty Physicians

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