International Collaborations

Bringing together the finest minds in medicine for healthier patients around the world

At PIM, we’re committed to helping physicians, governments, and nongovernmental organizations develop their own research hospitals, health care centers, or academic programs for health care in their home locations.

Our consulting service facilitates introductions and collaboration between Philadelphia Medicine doctors and administrators and health care organizations from around the world. Our consultants join forces with local health organizations on projects that will improve the health of their patients and communities.

Consulting Services

Through our professional talent, core competencies, and unique business structure, we offer our partner organizations consulting, management, development, and design services.

Leverage our management and clinical consulting services for ambulatory centers, hospitals, academic medical centers, health systems, government health agencies, and other healthcare organizations. At Philadelphia International Medicine we partner with each organization with the goal of improving healthcare facility performance and achieving internal clinical and administrative goals.

Here are just a few of the goals we can help your organization achieve:

  • Improve operating performance
  • Reduce expenses
  • Grow market share
  • Develop clinical pathways
  • Improve clinical performance
  • Establish clinical trials programs
  • Prepare for and achieve Joint Commission International (JCI) accreditation
  • Assess patient safety
  • Assess new or advanced clinical technology
  • Train staff on new procedures or initiatives

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Benefits of Philadelphia International Medicine Consultants

Our physicians, clinicians, administrators, and development specialists understand the best practices for developing a modern, efficient hospital system that benefits doctors, staff…and patients most of all.

Take advantage of the benefits of partnering with PIM for consulting:

  • Expertise in operationally efficient clinical delivery systems
  • Access to a vast pool of medical professionals for advice and expertise
  • Best-in-class distance medicine physicians and technology to drive quality care
  • Corporate structure that allows for flexible approaches to meet unique needs of each client

Program Development

Partnering with PIM means access to professionals and experts with experience in planning and developing complex hospital and allied health projects. Our strategic partners like technologists, medical informatics experts, architects and patient experience advisors can assist you in designing a model international hospital and health programs customized to the needs and preferences of your patient population.

Content and Speakers

PIM’s medical education programs are designed to improve the diagnosis and treatment of illnesses and disease. Our consulting experts are selected primarily from the faculty of our network hospitals and advocate scientific modalities of diagnosis and therapy.

Continuing Medical Education

PIM’s continuing medical education programs draw medical professionals from around the world for healthcare training, medical education, and continuing education. Our innovative educational programs enable local physicians and healthcare professionals of network hospitals to share and exchange medical information, advances in research, and innovations in patient care with physicians and health professionals worldwide in an effort to improve effective medical care.