The United States’ first residential eating disorder treatment facility

The Renfrew Center was established in 1985 in Philadelphia as the nation’s first free-standing residential eating disorder treatment facility dedicated exclusively to the treatment of adolescent girls and women with eating disorders.

In its 30-year history, The Renfrew Center has treated more than 65,000 adolescent girls and women. Treatment programs and services available include residential treatment, day treatment, intensive outpatient treatment, group therapy, individual, family and couples therapy, and nutrition counseling.

The Renfrew Center

Renfrew’s treatment philosophy

The Renfrew Center integrates relational principles and practice with the latest developments in the effective treatment of patients with eating disorders.

Renfrew’s innovative programs incorporate evidence based practices and systematically integrates the results of the most current research findings throughout their treatment programs.

Continuing education for medical professionals

Renfrew’s training programs have reached more than 30,000 healthcare professionals to date and are designed to enhance the knowledge and skills needed to treat these complex disorders.

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