Creating long-term relationships through medical education

We value knowledge sharing, supportive patient care, and healthcare delivery

Philadelphia International Medicine understands the need for a greater exchange and sharing of information between physicians, hospital leadership, managed care plans and other international healthcare organizations. We do this by developing and implementing education and training programs for affiliated and referring physicians that connect healthcare professionals across the globe to our network of internationally recognized university medical schools and business schools.

Continuing Medical Education

Our CME programs are designed to provide high-quality learning activities and informational exchanges through video conferencing, educational material and symposia for international affiliated physicians and healthcare professionals.

Physician Training & Observerships

We facilitate participation in medical conferences, observerships, seminars, and medical education programs for physician partners and affiliated institutions.

Healthcare Leadership Training

PIM combines the resources available through its network hospitals, medical schools and university-based schools of business administration to offer unique learning experiences for international hospital executives and business staff.

Video Conference Program

The Video Conference Series links leading hospitals and physicians around the world to form a global medical exchange. The series encourages international medical exchange among referring physicians regarding new advances for diagnosis, treatment and management of disease.