International Patient Services

What to expect before, during, and after your PIM experience

Since 1999, Philadelphia International Medicine has helped patients from around the globe eliminate the guesswork, planning and anxiety of finding and connecting with doctors and hospitals ranked among the best in the world.

But we also offer you something else you can’t find in a medical chart: a sense of comfort and well-being. We care for you before, during, and after your visit by making sure you’re as comfortable as possible by working tirelessly to make sure you feel at home.

Healing is possible when you’re confident in your healthcare team.

Concierge Services

Our concierge service brings the comforts and luxuries of home to your medical treatment. Sourcing a favorite food, comfortable accommodations, or finding someone who speaks your language are just a few of the ways we make your treatment a positive, restorative experience.

PIM offers patients a variety of services to help make every aspect of their healthcare experience less stressful and easier to manage. Our concierge healthcare services include:

  • Single source appointment booking across all PIM hospitals, surgeons, and physicians
  • Discounts on hotels and other accommodations
  • One-on-one care management
  • Language services
  • Financial and billing services
  • Travel assistance

Discover Philadelphia

The city of Philadelphia is easy to reach from any worldwide location. Once you’re here, there’s a wealth of historical resources and cultural events to enjoy during your treatment. Visit Independence Hall, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and see the place where the United States were formed in 1776. Take in artworks by masters at the world-renowned Philadelphia Museum of Art, experience the excitement of one of our five professional sports teams, and dine at one of Philadelphia’s outstanding restaurants.

Learn more about area attractions.