Guide to Financial Services

Before your initial appointment

Your patient services coordinator will explain the financial process in detail and answer any questions you may have.

Additional Medical Care

Financial services will prepare a detailed cost estimate for you. 100 percent of the estimated cost must be deposited before we can begin any services. Actual charges may vary from the original estimate.

Before Departure

Not all charges will post before you leave. If additional consultations or tests were performed, financial services may request an additional deposit.

Payment Methods

Philadelphia International Medicine accepts:

  • Wire and credit card payments through Flywire
  • Traveler’s/Cashier’s/Certified checks

Self-Pay Patients

A 100 percent deposit is required prior to confirming your appointment. Your patient services coordinator will send you a letter outlining the estimated costs for your initial medical appointments and treatments and payment methods.

Insurance Patients

Philadelphia International Medicine works with many international health insurance companies. If you have insurance, please give your patient services coordinator a copy of the front and back of your insurance card when you request an appointment.

A financial services representative will contact your insurance company to confirm benefit eligibility and gain authorization. If PIM does not participate with your insurance plan, you may settle the claims and submit a request for reimbursement directly to your insurance company.

Embassy-Sponsored Patients

Philadelphia International Medicine works with embassy liaisons to ensure that we receive a letter of guarantee from the embassy prior to confirming your appointment. For more information, please contact your patient services coordinator.